I believe that identifying a brand’s purpose and how it can contribute to its community will be critical to its success in the future.

In my experience consumers are searching for brands that reflect their wish to make a difference through their actions.

My approach includes seeking out ways to highlight brands’ commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and giving back.

I advocate innovative purpose-driven branding, which has been proven to increase customer loyalty and employee satisfaction, as well as boosting both profit and positive impact. A true win-win scenario.

Through my professional evolution from a business consulting background to my current passion for start-up branding, I have proven success in providing the
following services to my clients.
Four pillars.



  • Define brand identity: Name, logo, catchphrase/tagline, mission, vision, values and value proposition.
  • Lean startup method: Product market fit, minimun viable product (MVP) and the feedback loop. This a circular process: ideas > build product > measure > analyse data > apply learnings > fresh ideas > and so on.
  • Brand positioning: Competitive intelligence, quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Content development: Social media calendar and posts; newsletters, press releases, and content for websites.
  • Website design and optimisation: Analyse, measure and identify improvements in different aspects such as look & feel, content, titles, descriptions and keywords for SEO, in order to attract more potential customers and increase the conversion rate.



Strategic Marketing

  • Strategic Business Plan: ‘Lean Canvas’ business model, SWOT analysis, market size, 4Ps of marketing, sales funnel, buyer personas, strategy and tactics.
  • Market analysis through the competitive intelligence discipline: Establishing competitive positioning and performance with respect to customers and competitors, taking into consideration the market framework and trends. The methodology involves permanent monitoring of the market through analysing prices, marketing strategies, products, ads and competitive practices developed and used by the competition. Opportunities for improvement are then identified for the client, as well as opportunities to capitalise on things well done.
  • Benchmarking of competitors in both national and international markets:
    • Identify innovative marketing practices in terms of products, promotions and value-added services used by leading companies in other markets.
    • Analyse identified products or services, what they consist of, the contracting conditions, the target market, the benefits and drawbacks, and other aspects of interest that help us to understand them.
    • Evaluate, according to the analysis mentioned above, those aspects that could potentially be adapted in line with best practices and new ideas.
  • Market research: Identifying new insights, trends and customer needs or preferences through gathering, processing and analysing client information.
  • E-commerce marketing strategies: Analysing status and diagnosing brand positioning, market, best practices, trends, customers and competitors with the aim to make sustainable decisions for both brand strategy and operations.
  • Inbound marketing: Identifying buyer persona, defining keywords for SEO, create the customer journey and sales funnel.
  • Digital transformation process: Identifying digital customer-focused solutions by assessing the current situation and opportunities for improvement in areas such as marketing, sales, operations and technology.


Customer Experience

  • Customer journey: Leverage knowledge of customer lifecycle steps to identify possible enhancements to the products, services and touchpoints, and adapt them to the needs and likes of clients and customers.
  • Conducting ‘Mystery Shopper’ projects and surveys to evaluate services and products, and identify areas for improvement.


Stakeholder Management

  • By putting myself in my clients’ shoes I can identify their needs and ensure that Isa^In meets those needs.
  • The dashboard of KPIs: Define and keep current the leading business indicators in order to help the client identify opportunities and stay operationally agile.
  • Sales proposals: Isa^In prepares client sales offers adapted to each potential customer to ensure a personalised service.
  • Funding rounds: Collect and prepare the data, content and information needed to apply for funding from competitions, financing rounds, investors etc.

Let’s Talk

‘Houston, I have a problem!’

Difficulties will come, although you may not expect them. Managing a business, creating new ideas, making contacts, acquisitions and business development are all a big deal. Those objectives require good planning, hard work, more hard work, and the right approach.

The professional world is an obstacle race. We can move forward and crash into them all, or we can try to avoid the obstacles, or we can adopt innovative strategies to race past them.

I am a brand strategy consultant who works remotely from anywhere, currently based in the French / Swiss border region, close to Geneva.

How does consulting work through Isa^In?

Isa^In offers some options: 

—> Full-service strategy & marketing consulting through personalized projects based on four simple steps: to listen, understand, create and implement.

—> One-on-One mentoring, from one hour sessions to discounted block bookings. This presents an ideal opportunity for startups or entrepreneurs to explore branding options with an experienced mentor.

Full-service strategy & marketing consulting

  1. We start with a call or a video call to get to know each other.


I look forward to hearing your story in order to assess and understand the current situation, business objectives, marketing challenges and what has been done so far in terms of brand positioning.

  1. You are interested in us working together.


Following our first discussion, I will send you a preliminary report and proposal detailing the cost of the solution proposed by Isa^In. Once the proposal has been accepted, a deposit will be requested.

  1. We assemble the ingredients.


A full diagnostic report that details objectives, scope, planning & deliverables will be submitted.

  1. We get to work with the magic recipe.


We build on our relationship with purpose: you, the brand, customers, employees & Isa^In. We will work together with team spirit; where people are at the centre of the strategy. The magic ingredients include empathy, trust, hard work and an atmosphere conducive to positive productivity.

Your success is my success.


1:1 Intensive mentoring session 1 hour

During mentoring sessions, I will personally guide you and review specific questions and concerns you may have about the improvement and growth of your business. Together we can take your brand to the next level.

1:1 Mentoring program – Book 6 hours and get an extra 30 minutes free

Maybe you are looking for a crash mentoring program. I know how you feel when you have a concern or a challenge with your business. You feel a huge need to share and talk at length with someone who can help you to make a decision, who can look at things through another prism, who can even take your business beyond. From now on, Isa^In will make it happen.

Do you want to know more? Are you ready to grow your business and purpose?

Let’s talk – I’m eager to hear your story and work with you to create the outstanding brand you deserve!.

Where I am

French /Swiss border region, close to Geneva

Contact me

Phone : +41 78 895 91 21 / +34 607 694 149

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