Putting myself in my client’s shoes

Both my clients and my colleagues have commented that I read people very well and that I always treat them with openness and positivity.

I believe it is vital to show empathy in the workplace and to network effectively in order to forge the trust that businesses require to thrive. In short, to build mutual trust.

I asked Isabel to help me with the brand repositioning of ENJOYERS. She quickly understood the spirit of the brand and e-commerce model in order to articulate the best sustainable solution and thus facilitate the decision making of my business. Both strategic and operational analysis exercise that I did with Isabel was super complete and helped me to understand and visualize the ENJOYERS situation in the current context, as well as its main needs and challenges, to know where I wanted my brand to be. Some aspects such as strategies, business model and value proposal were reviewed, and finally, a plan was drawn up to anticipate future changes and build differential competitive advantages. Thank you for helping me to build a stronger brand and expand my community, adding social and environmental impact.

Carlos Martínez – CEO, ENJOYERS

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I am so lucky to have found Isabel. She immediately understood my brand, the way I saw it and how I wanted it to be built. Believe me, this hasn’t been easy at all! She was able to understand the business model and put into words the real mission, vision and value of my project. She knew how to solve all my problems and my doubts. She guided me, showing me what was good and what needed to be improved. She is definitely a great professional and she did a fantastic job! I strongly recommend her.

Magda – CEO, Farma4Job

I met Isabel at a ‘Pontecara’ networking event, where we discussed my project. I remember her enthusiasm for the ‘EternityOnline’ brand and her authenticity in giving me some suggestions as to how my brand should work in order to achieve a competitive position. We spoke again, to assess what solutions and objectives we could work on given the current situation of my online business, and that is when I decided to work with her.

Her passion for the project and determination to do things well led us to strategic redefining of the business, addressing the positioning of the company and redefining the brand identity, description and packaging of the services. The market was analysed and a strategic plan was drawn up, in which one of the actions Isabel carried out was to create a new website that would transmit this new positioning and the new packaging of the company’s services, achieving a more attractive offering. Thank you so much.

Javier Arranz – CEO, EternityOnline

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